8 Auto Parts in Conventional Vehicle Could Disappear Soon

More and more manufacturers are betting on developing electric cars or battery-powered cars, and this is not only taken through environmental conservation and sustainability. The inclusion of these types of models, over time, can lead to the loss of conventional cars or, failing that, they undergo a radical change.

At first, cars, as we know them, could lose some of their characteristic elements. Therefore, today, we show you the eight elements of cars that could disappear.

There are many differentiating elements between a conventional combustion car and an electric or battery-powered car. Still, with the passage of time, the future arrival of the autonomous car to the cities, and the traffic restrictions in the big cities, the car parking will have to upgrade to forced marches.

Eight elements of cars

The Tires

The tires, although they will not cease to exist, will change their shape and weight radically. Manufacturers, both of cars and tires, will bet on a different type of tire. The objective will be to increase autonomy, cool the powertrain, and, above all, be more aerodynamic.

Although some motor enthusiasts love to change the tires, from now on, you will have to opt for fairing tires. These tire models, currently, are usually mounted on racing cars, especially classics.


The Halogen Light Bulb

Halogen light bulb is one of the oldest light bulb that used in car. It have served the human for over fifty years. As the development of technology, we can see the new vehicles now come with led headlights, matrix headlight system. And on the aftermarket, people tend to buy led headlight conversion kit to replace their old halogen headlight bulbs. So we believe in the not soon future, halogen headlight will disappear soon. Instead of it, led headlight bulbs will get popular.

The Wheels

Like what happens with the tires, it will happen with the tires, and many manufacturers have already begun to develop more environmentally friendly compounds. The objective they have set is to reduce their weight and rolling resistance.

At first, the wheels of the future will be thinner and high profile, which will make them quieter. Michelin has already begun to develop specific tires that increase autonomy. Continental, meanwhile, has already managed to make them more aerodynamic and quiet thanks to the polyurethane foam mounted inside.

In addition to the compounds, they will include sensors, at all times, what is happening outside. These will connect to the car or even a mobile application.

Eight elements of cars

The Grill

The grill could also disappear, and it has the main function; Cool the combustion engine. With electric cars, this ventilation could be greatly reduced or even disappear completely. The reason? Electric cars, autonomous and battery-powered, would have better aerodynamics if the front were completely fairing and had no air intakes in the said front area of ​​the vehicle.

It is important to note that, manufacturers would have to take a new design line, many are betting on providing their models with large grills. This result is the case of the new members of the family of BMW, Volkswagen, or even Mercedes-Benz.

The Pedals

The pedals are one of the elements that will not disappear, but they will indeed vary in shape. Currently, some Nissan models already equip the so-called ‘ e-Pedal.’ A solution is capable of moving the vehicle through a single with a smart pedal.

When the driver activates the pedal, the vehicle accelerates, while when it lifted, the car proceeds to brake. In this way, the manufacturer ensures that the regenerative braking system is used.

By this type of technology, the pedals, as we know them, will come to an end — either three in the case of manual cars or both in the case of automatic cars.

The Tank Cover

By not having to refuel, users will not have to stop to fill the tank. For this reason, it is one of the elements that could disappear. This opening will be replaced, in most cases, by a more ‘hidden’ charging socket in the vehicle.

Some brands are placing it around the wheel arches, behind or even below the main logo of the model, which commonly found on the front of the vehicle.

Eight elements of cars

The Gearshift

Lovers of manual cars will be very upset, and that is that among the elements that could disappear, unfortunately, is the gearshift. The new electric cars are automatic, and this means the removal of the lever as we know it.

The cars of the future will maintain a lever as a ‘selector’ by which the mode will select: direct, reverse, and neutral.

The Trunk

The trunk of future electric and autonomous cars may greatly reduce, if not practically disappear. This result is because the new cars will have to equip larger battery systems to offer their users much greater autonomy.

The Escape

The exhaust outlets are also part of the selection of elements of the cars that could disappear and is that being powered by batteries, there will be no fluid to expel. It is unknown if manufacturers will want to keep this type of aesthetic detail in the back of their cars with zero emissions.

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