How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an Electric Car?

More and more manufacturers are betting on electric cars, but how much does it cost to maintain an electric car?

How much does it cost to maintain an electric car? These types of vehicles are exempt from the usual oil and filter changes in internal combustion cars. More and more drivers are taking electric cars into account and, although according to the JD Power study, it ensures that consumers do not rely 100% on fully autonomous and electric cars, the figures for Enrollments in our country do not deceive.

The electric car aims to replace traditional combustion cars in the not too distant future, and it is that more and more people are interested in the advantages offered by these types of cars daily. Today we are going to focus on the maintenance of electric cars, how much does it cost?

Everyone knows that it often says that electric cars are easier and cheaper to maintain due to the absence of many of the components that have internal combustion cars. An electrified motor has many moving parts, and that leads to a lower existence of mechanical breakdowns.

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Maintain an electric car, what does it cost?

In this type of vehicle, you do not have to make changes of oil, spark plugs, oil filters, or air. This result means that the classic maintenance of oil and filters will not be carried out in an electric car. Still, it will be necessary to continue replacing brakes, dampers, aligning the direction, or replacing the wiper blades.

These operations are common to all cars that currently exist, and in the electric car will be necessary after a time or mileage stipulated by the manufacturer. On the other hand, if you have to make tire changes and take care of the brake wear.

The brake system, thanks to the regenerative braking that electric cars have, often will not need to be replaced until the car has traveled, in many cases, several hundred thousand kilometers. There are cases in which there are electric cars in circulation with more than 300,000 km and the pads and brake discs as standard — something possible due to the use of the electric car dedicated mainly to low-speed urban environments. You can drive in the accelerator pedal.

Do not forget that some electric cars have active liquid cooling of their electrical systems, thanks to which the electric motors, batteries, and inverters kept at optimum temperatures. It is a system that achieves its objective better than passive air cooling. This liquid, in some models, will have to be checked in the reviews and completely replaced if necessary to ensure adequate cooling.

When taking the car to an official workshop or service, the manufacturer’s recommendations should take into account; normally, in this type of car, it is usually every two years. An inspection, levels, pressures, brake fluid, and replacement of the cabin filter. It usually has a price that approximates 150 euros.

As far as the ITV is concerned, it will cost around 40 dollars, but everything will depend on the community in which it resides and the chosen station. Keep in mind that electric cars cannot test for emissions or noise.

In short, deciding to acquire and own an electric car means a great economic saving in terms of maintenance. Only the revisions stipulated by the manufacturer and the ITV will have to pay from the first four years in the case of a new vehicle. The rest of the components will have to change as time and kilometers go by. Even so, the maintenance of such vehicles is more affordable than that of an equivalent combustion car.

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