How to Make Your Car Paint Brighter?

Give wax, polish wax, that’s the key. External agents – and more if the cat sleeps on the street – improper washing, acid rain, etc., will deteriorate the paint. Although they are now more resistant, in addition to the weather, they cause premature external aging to occur. To return, you will have realized that it is not enough to wash it. If you do not want – or cannot – delegate the task to a professional and you will do it yourself, you should focus the process of polishing and on a movement worthy of Mr. Miyagi’s apprentice. Or, if not, do it with a polisher, which will always give better results and faster.

Before you start polishing, you must choose “polish” or suitable polish. It must be a creamy liquid and not a thick mass that cannot remove later. This compound formed by micro-abrasive particles that are responsible for removing surface imperfections, so choosing a good product is half the way to achieve good results. There are three types with different levels of abrasiveness: for a very deteriorated paint, for paint with medium deterioration, and the final finish.

car paint

The other part lies in the technique. A trick that not to mess it up in the administration of the product. It observes the state of the paint as it is applied, ration it, and not run out of anything.

The steps you have to follow to polish by hand, without reaching the professionalism of the detailing world, are the following:

    1. Clean the body: essential. A clean cloth should be passed and optionally use a quick cleaning product.
    2. Polishing sponge: after evaluating the state of the paint, the product must apply on one side of the sponge.
    3. Extend: the product should be applied with longitudinal movements, applying little pressure at the beginning and then increasing it while it extended. If too much pressure is applied we will get scratched
    4. Microfiber cloth : carefully, remove the remains of the polish with a special cloth. When it starts to dry, it is time to remove it.
    5. Final treatment: after administering an abrasive polish, use a finer one for the final treatment.
    6. Repeat the process: polish until imperfections disappear, but be careful, it is not advisable to polish beyond the middle of the varnish layer, as it contains ultraviolet protective elements for the color layer.

car paint

However, this process does not eliminate deep scratches, as these reach the primer (such as a key scratch).

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