What Should You Know When Taking Children On the Motorcycle At Night

Surely may parents have found themselves in doubt at what age they can ride their children on a motorcycle as a passenger, and the regulations specify.

It is at this time of the year when the vast majority of motorcycles begin to stretch and dust off the winter to get on the road, the best weather conditions, and a hotter and more adherent asphalt invite it. Some fathers and mothers want to share the sensations that a motorcycle offers with the smallest of the house. But when and how can we take children on our motorcycles?

Taking children on a motorcycle is not the same as doing it when we use our cars. Still, it is necessary to know several aspects to take into account, both in terms of safety for children and regulations to prevent. Our pocket gets an unwanted scare. For this, we will tell you what the General Traffic Regulation says, in addition to some tips that will make children enjoy the motorcycle with us, either in the city or venturing them on a small route.

When and how can we take children on the motorcycle

Three keys to not overlook

We will have to verify that our motorcycle is effectively approved to be able to carry a passenger; it is not enough that our seat is large enough. For this, we will have to check the motorcycle’s circulation permit and look at the section called S.1, which must be accompanied by a number 2 to indicate that it has two seats. While if instead a number 1 appears, we can take No type of passenger, adult, or minor.

Finally, before getting a minor on our motorcycle, we only have to use our common sense and protect it in the same way we do it with ourselves. Although they will surely be more uncomfortable at first, the best option to protect their heads is an integral helmet from which we will find numerous designs for their tastes and size. Although we can always opt for “jet” or “modular” type helmets, especially for driving around the city, we can also find in the market seats with a backrest that fits the saddle of the motorcycle straps. Thus making them safer; We will have more difficult to find specific motorcycle clothes for them, so in most things, we will have no choice but to pull the most abrasion-resistant clothes they have at home.

Once we have these three previous points clear, we can only get on the bike and enjoy the two wheels, always taking into account that the ability of the small to grab the driver is different.


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