The Advantages of Scooters in City Road

The scooters have stopped being just vehicles for the city, often becoming an ideal companion for any occasion in front of motorcycles.

There are differences between which we should consider as the first scooter, since although the idea and concept were there. We should not start cataloging the scooters until 1920, when at the hands of the Gloucestershire Aircraft Company was born in the English city of Cheltenham, the Unibus 270 cc, the precursor of the scooters for its body-inspired design inspired by vehicles.

Since then the scooters have evolved to what we know today, urban motorcycles that presented as the ideal alternative to vehicles within cities, especially the largest congested and with many more advantages for

Great agility and lightness

If we think of a scooter as our means of transport to move around the city, we will undoubtedly be right. Since thanks to its dimensions and the general use of smaller wheels, knocking it down and turning it to get around the traffic will not mean effort, something in which motorcycles sin due also to the use of large tires.

To this, we will also have to add the plus of lightness, something also very important if we do not want to take a scare when facing turns of greater difficulty. Counting that most small/medium-sized scooters are around 100 to 150 kg, we could consider them a featherweight; Even the larger scooters with their 200 kgs will seem light since a conventional motorcycle usually exceeds that weight.

a scooter over a motorcycle


Although you are not going to face great distances with your scooter, they always take care of the comfort of your driver, even the smallest and most economical on the market, with an upright driving position in which we will not force our back, arms, and legs. Even if we ride with a companion, you will also feel comfortable on a scooter. In addition to having a generous seat, the handles are also usually located in a position that does not force.

Loading capacity

If there is something that the motorcycles sin, it is of its null load capacity, with the consequent expense to seniors in chests and trunks to store our belongings in the city. This result is something that we will not have to add to the bill of our scooter. Since under your seat, we will usually find enough space to store small items and, at least, a helmet; If we add to this that they also offer the possibility of mounting a chest or trunk-like on a motorcycle, its load capacity exceeds that of any motorcycle by far.

Wide variety of displacements and sizes

Any scooter has ample capacity to move around the city, and even if we do not exceed 125 ccs, we can drive it with the B car license without having to take the A2 specific for motorcycles. But if this power is scarce, today the scooters have ceased to be a simple city vehicle to incorporate powerful engines that, in addition to retaining their agility and lightness, will also allow us to make out-of-town trips like any other motorcycle.

a scooter over a motorcycle

Low Maintenance Cost

Undoubtedly another of the star features of a scooter is its low maintenance cost. Since lacking elements such as the clutch or incorporating final transmissions that are usually by belt, we will avoid dislikes with changes of parts that, due to their use in the city, would suffer more. Also, its engines have designed and designed to withstand the hard work of driving around the city, and, despite this, they also offer very acceptable fuel consumption. Special mention if we opt for the increasingly common electric scooters, with zero fossil fuel expenditure.

Also, in this section, it is important to look at other secondary expenses and that many people, in principle, do not repair in the first instance, such as taxes associated with motorcycles, lower in the case of scooters. We have the same difference with insurance, which as a rule are much cheaper in a scooter than in a conventional motorcycle.

Greater protection against meteorology

Any rider will tell you that the main disadvantage of their motorcycle is the poor protection it offers against meteorological agents, being to a greater or lesser extent an opinion influenced by the type of motorcycle. But on scooters, regardless of their size or power, we will always have greater protection against rain and wind. Thanks to their fairing, it created in the beginning as a reflection of the bodywork of vehicles.

As you can see, the advantages of scooters over motorcycles are greater if what we are going to do mainly is to drive around the city. Besides, if we also want to make an occasional trip outside the city, with a scooter of greater displacement, we will have the perfect companion of both urban and extra-urban adventures.


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