Tips to Check the Car When Buying a Used Car

In operation of sale between individuals, care must take so that all procedures are in order and a stolen car is not to be purchased.

Buying a used car is one of the options we have to change vehicles. Normally purchases are made in establishments that review everything thoroughly and allow us to be very sure of what we buy, both mechanically and at the level of origin. But sometimes car purchases are made between individuals or in establishments that are not entirely honest in their practices. One of the big problems we can find is that this car stole and that can bring many problems. We are going to tell you how to know if a car is stolen and save you some scare.

Before providing a deposit or payment in advance, a series of checks on the car to be purchased must make. You have to know the history of the vehicle well. It is important to know not only if its origin is legal, but also what kind of loads the vehicle has before the change of ownership. Keep in mind that any cargo that exists on the car will fall on the new owner. And if somebody stole the car, the owner can claim it without problems, something that would leave the new owner without a car.

How to know if a car is stolen

Vehicle Background Report

To know the ownership of the vehicle, the loads it has, and the last step through the ITV can request in the Vehicle Background Report. It shows everything that should know about the car. Who is owner, if there is a fine or embargo on the vehicle if you pass the ITV or anything else that could mean a burden for the new owner. It is requested at the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) and costs 8 euros.

Checking the data of the car now

A preliminary step of checking the Vehicle Background Report is to check the data offered by the seller. This result can see at first sight of the car. The frame number is both on the front moon and on the engine block. It is essential to check it first to see if the documentation is that of the car sold. Another important fact is the number of kilometers that registered in the odometer. This data can check with the data recorded in the last ITV passed. If it does not match the data provided, you have to suspect and give up the purchase.

Be attentive to the reactions of the seller

An unethical seller will be nervous. You have to be attentive to the attitudes of the seller because these can be a good clue about the transaction legality. The nervousness of a person who is doing something illegal usually betrays him. If the car seller is very anxious to sell the car and wants to charge in advance and is ” forcing ” the sale bypassing the necessary checks, one must think that he is hiding something and that the sale may not be as transparent as should be. Better give up and find another more suitable car.

With these tips, you can avoid buying a stolen car, which can bring many complications apart from running out of a vehicle. And you can also be sure that the change of ownership carried out legally and without ” hidden traps ” of the style of fines, embargoes, and ITV not passed.

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