What Functionality do You Want to Have in Your New Car?

Depending on the use we give to our vehicle, we must evaluate the purchase between an electric, hybrid or combustion car, in addition to the functionality.

Currently, there are many questions we ask ourselves, and very few answers we have clear. Then we will try to answer all those questions that can make acquiring a car a resounding success or real torture.

The first question to attack is, why do I need the car? There are several possible answers: to travel, to move around a city, to take children to school, and their extra curricular, in short, to facilitate mobility.


If what we need is to move around the city and take short trips, the first thing we need to focus on is what type of fuel is right for us. Since with new technologies, we can find vehicles of small sizes, very useful for moving for the big cities, comfortable to park, to drive and above all to the plugin. Yes, we say plug since the new electric vehicles are undoubtedly one of the best options that we must contemplate for this type of case.

Cars with zero emissions to the environment, extremely economical in terms of the dreaded fuel consumption, and it can spend the day behind the wheel with sufficient benefits. Of course, and much attention, this type of vehicle does not offer us the autonomy of a combustion vehicle, so we must make an approximate calculation, and contemplating unforeseen, of how many kilometers we travel per day or week. Taking this into account, we can ask ourselves if it is comfortable and feasible for our day today.

Other points that play in favor of the electric ones are its zero emissions and its freedom to circulate in the big cities in periods of high pollution, its aid to the parking areas, and circulation through restricted areas or closed to other vehicles.

What car did I buy

Intermediate segment

But we will not always be willing to move around the city. If, in addition to spending the day behind the wheel, we need some more space capacity, some more autonomy. Another reason is we need vehicles both for day-to-day and share it with the family at the weekend.

In this case, we must focus on a medium compact sector, which, are no longer so small. This result is where we should consider the option of hybrid vehicles, that is, electric on the shortest and most urban routes, but with a thermal cycle (combustion engines) for somewhat longer journeys or where some more performance is needed.

In this segment, we find a very wide range of hybrid vehicles, some more compact and others much more capable and with quite considerable dimensions having luggage, passenger compartment, and even very different number of seats.

Therefore, parents, lovers of excursions or simply those looking for something more than a means of transport, this is your sector.

High performance

Last but not least, all travel lovers, large families and all those who, at the moment, need or want old-fashioned cars, that is, with petrol or diesel engines, large vehicles. With benefits and that due to needs, electric technology is not very useful; there is the sector of the thermal engine (fuel) in which the presentations of your vehicle will give by the money you want to invest in buying horses for your engine.

This type of vehicle, with extra-long autonomies, will make us stop to drink coffee instead of refueling. They will make an overtaking easy and fast, and it will allow us to be a large family and animal lover without having to play Tetris to ride in the car. All these requirements perfectly fulfilled by the car lifetime, with all technology, avant-garde, and performance of the most advanced.

At this point and unifying the three most common segments we have tried, we have to talk about engines and transmissions.

What car did I buy


As for the motorization, we should choose the first question should be how many horses do I want? In both electric cars and hybrids, we do not have such a wide range as in combustion cars – although each time this statement is less true. Within the offer offered by the manufacturer of these vehicles, we will value the relationships that the price supposes us concerning the power.

If we are particularly one of those who like to go somewhat faster, and we can afford it, go ahead, a powerful engine will be to our liking. On the contrary, if what we want is to save, the less powerful options are enough to satisfy our demand.

Keep in mind that hybrid cars, due to their mechanics, most of them has equipped with powerful engine.

The options in vehicles with combustion engines are much more extensive, by vehicle size, load capacity, the number of seats, and much more. Depending on our needs, we must be very attentive not to err in our choice, always valuing a more or less near future of several years and weighing what we need and what not, differentiating between whim and need.

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