You Will Soon Be Able to Control Car by Voice

Locking and starting systems through the voice control system are coming to production cars as an option and will soon be very common and practical.

Do you remember those times when we saw the fantastic car? In that series, we had a car that talked, took Michael Knight on the best routes, and if you weren’t his driver, there was no way to get in. Gradually, all these technologies are already in many production cars, and now, we can also count on the driver’s recognition for the voice control.

The recognition of the driver thanks to the voice control is already a fact, and we can find it, for example, in the Bentley Bentayga. Thanks to the voice control recognition cell, this luxury car does not start the engine if it does not recognize the person who is authorized to drive.

Luckily, this system has already crossed the barrier of luxury cars and reaches the production models. The first affordable range model that incorporates this system is the Hyundai Santa Fe.

It is still another option among the many that can choose in these vehicles, so it has an extra cost in the final price of the model. The system works similarly to that used by voice control recognition on the mobile phone. The digital reading cell scans the voice control and compares it with the one it has saved. If it matches, activate the car.

This system guarantees safety when activating the car, but has the typical disadvantages of these systems. If you have a dirty finger, there is a wound that changes the pattern of the footprint, or we even have the bad luck of having to wear a band-aid, for example, we may have a problem.

Luckily, digital reading systems can register several voice control, including dozens of them, to ensure correct reading and so that several drivers can drive the model equipped with digital recognition.

There is also a Biometric locking kit called Biometric Immobiliser that can adapt to almost all recent models and price around 500 dollars. Gradually, this technology will be more common, first as an option and later as standard equipment of the car.

open your car with the fingerprint

Other options to activate your car

Apart from reading the voice control, we can find other custom opening systems that dispense with the traditional key or command. Ford incorporates a PIN system. Other brands, such as those of the PSA Group, use mobile apps that allow the car to be unlocked, which makes it essential to use the key. The Audi Q8 e-Tron Concept also introduced an auxiliary start system with voice control reading to use in case of key loss. All these systems are also optional, although they open the door to improve the access security of cars.

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